Furniture Repair in Mumbai

If your chairs are broken, cabinets are locked and also the key’s missing or scratches on woods, no matter harm is there, we tend to offer you our service by repairing your furniture. we’ve our own technicians who serve you by giving their best efforts, they additionally handle the problems associated with an article of furniture and out of warranty cases. we offer you such services like:-

  • Replacement of lock or key
  • Interior textures and reparation
  • Wood touchup and restoration
  • Long-term service arrangement
  • Protection of materials
  • Reupholstering of chair and panels.

If you continue to suffer from the issues like missing items of tables, dirty or broken cubes, chairs are rotating and height adjustment issue. we will assist you out by resolution your issues in an easy manner. Our service is a lot of consistent and fast, you wish not to wait for such an extended time to create use of broken furniture.

We as Carpenter Service offer you a great many options that different firms don’t seem to be giving. Our team has each residential and business article of furniture coaching wherever they simply repair, maintain or install the things while not delay. we tend to deliver an article of furniture fitting services for businesses no matter whether or not it’s providing as a part of a work move otherwise install comes. we offer our Furniture Repair in Mumbai. we tend to focus on:-Mumbai

  • Reconfigure & repair workplace shops
  • Repair walls and panels of cubes
  • Reconfiguration of Floor surface
  • Clean compartment board and cloth
  • Deal with deposit facilities
  • Deliver monotonous on-the-spot up keeping.
  • Offers fixtures, electronics, and different design installation services
  • Disassemble, transfer, reunite and fix all instrumentation
  • Service most merchandise of workplace or home furniture’s

We ensure that the furniture’s are incorrect sensible condition and that they don’t need to repair facility in fast time. Consequently, one will gain our preservation plans for work article of furniture. we have a capable team of employees who are proficient with a contribution to high-quality conservation services. we offer the various repair requirements of our customers, from slight to the foremost restoration jobs. we tend to deliver on-the-spot repair facilities for the advantage of our clients; although, if there’s planetary crisis then we tend to additionally bid in-Ac Service Center in Mumbai itself.