Gas Stove


Ac Service Center in Mumbai is systematically able to serve you with one click on our website we have a tendency to send you an efficient technician to resolve your issue. we offer our honest service at an affordable price. we provide service to all or any brands gas stoves. we have a tendency to settle for each online and offline bookings. we offer service to both:
A) Steel body gas stove
B) Glass body gas stove.

We settle for each ignition and Non-ignition gas stoves sorts of service provided to the following:

  1. Two-burner gas stove,
  2. Three-burner gas stove,
  3. Four-burner gas stove,
  4. Auto-ignition gas range,
  5. business gas stove.

Types of services we provide are:
(1) General service:-
We provide general service to boost the amount of operating of an associated appliance. we offer service to our greatest extent.
(2) Repairs:-
All the repairs are done by us. we have a tendency to do repairs to any complete gas stoves and spare components are replaced damaged at an affordable value.

Benefits of booking on Ac Service Center in Mumbai :

We provide service in each business & residential areas of any complete gas stoves.
Spare components are replaced once got broken and branded new ones are fastened at an affordable price.
We offer service inside your alternative of slot time.
How our team works:

Bookings are accepted from each online and offline from somebody. we have a tendency to send you a well-trained technician to resolve the matter inside the slot time. simply relax your appliances can get into operating condition shortly.

Common issues within the gas stove:

  1. Gas leakage:-
    Check pipe, knobs if you discover out the gas leaky immediately call for a technician to resolve the problem.
  2. noisy flame:-
    This is due to a problem with the mix tube and burners.
  3. Blockage:-
    Stove burners ports have clogged this build the burner to not lit the flame.
  4. Low flame:-
    It is due to less quantity gas provide to burner contact technician for a resolution it.
  5. Sim flame off:-
    while reducing the flame, it gets turns off this results in dangerous blasts build technician clear the issues.
  6. Red flame:-
    Black soot on utensils is due to uneven flame provide.
    Visit the official website of Gas stove Service Center in Mumbai (8740807777).

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