Wall Painter Services in Mumbai


Paint selection is most necessary as COLOR selection for a house that adds durability and looks to your dream paint application. everybody is aware of painting becomes a comprehensive job if someone makes a superior choice of paint kind, it’s color and worthy worth that is that the prime decision of every house painter. we tend to at Ac Service Center in Mumbai provide you with a comprehensive guide on that Wall paint Services in Mumbai to choose for a particular surface in step with varied factors i.e. sort of surface, climate.

Paint could be a resolution of pigment in water, oil or organic solvent that is employed either for look or protection of a wall surface from wetness, termites, etc. Paint finishes are helpful to offer a dashing look to a wall. in step with the condition of wall differing kinds of coats are required on the painted space of the wall.

Paints are divided into two broad classes i.e. Interiors Paints and Exterior Paints.

Interior Paints are more divided into three subcategories as below:

  1. Wall Paints: Distemper, Luster, Enamel, Emulsion
  2. Metallic Paints: Enamel
  3. Wood Paints: Wood Finishes

Exterior Paints are further divided into below sub-categories:

  1. Emulsion
  2. Textures
  3. Cement

Water-Based or Emulsion Paints: Emulsion Paints are water-based paints that are thought-about higher than oil-based paints and these varieties of paints are easier to use. Such paints dry easier than alternative emulsion and oil-based paints. Emulsion paints are used on interiors, exteriors moreover as wood, metal, glass and concrete surfaces. Example include Asian Paints Tractor Emulsion, Apcolite Advanced significant Duty Emulsion, Ace Exterior Emulsion, Apex Ultima Protek, Tractor Emulsion Advanced, Dulux Weather Shield max, Dulux Velvet Touch – Pearl Glo, bison Acrylic Emulsion, Rangoli Premium Acrylic Emulsion.

Properties of Emulsion Paints:

  1. Emulsion paints are applied either by roller or brushing techniques.
  2. Emulsion paints are non-inflammable and fewer odorous that’s why it’s safer for our health.
  3. Emulsion paints are humidness resident, therefore, is utilized in the room and loos simply.
  4. These paints never crack, fade in daylight and has color stability for a long time.
  5. Easy to wash with water and dries quickly.
  6. Low level of toxic emissions and no would like for surface pre-treatment.

Oil-Based Paints:

Oil-based paints are used on most forms of surfaces and are documented for prime durability and wealthy end. however, oil paints emit fumes than might overwhelm you.

Properties of Oil Paints:

  1. It takes longer dry time i.e. 6-8 hours and thus these paints are quite higher for crack fixes
  2. It created a pretty gloss
  3. More resistant to wetness and typically recoatable in sixteen hours
  4. Restricted on the market colors ranges
  5. Less flexible and becomes more durable therefore it’s not smart for exterior timber because of cracking
  6. Not capable of holding its initial refulgency over time because of UV
  7. Tends to yellow within the absence of UV

Primer Paint: Paint Primer could be a layer applied on a surface before the paint. Primer paint adds additional safety and seals the pores in permeable materials. If primers add properly then it’ll enhance the sturdiness and look of applied paint.

Plastic Paint: this sort of paint is water-based wall paint. It’s supported acrylic and provides a swish matte end to the walls. It offers higher sturdiness and isn’t applicable for exteriors, wood and iron surfaces. Examples: Plastic shiny Emulsions Paint, Berger Plastic Emulsion Wall Paint